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Thank you for your interest in our research at the UN Ocean Conference!

Research and insight is a vital part of developing effective communications strategies. It helps us understand our communications environment, where audiences are, and how to engage and move them in the right direction.

At the UN Ocean Conference we are doing fieldwork for two surveys. You can participate by responding to them yourself.

Ocean Action Project

The Ocean Action project is a collaboration of the International Programme on the State of the Ocean Scientific Workshop and Communications Inc. This project was born out of an identified lack of easily understandable, actionable solutions for ocean health. To address this the Good Ocean project will use the latest scientific research to report on a definition and criteria for good ocean action. We will be surveying UNOC attendees on perceptions of ‘blue economy’ and working to create a list of the many things that can be done to protect the ocean. You can answer the questions yourself here

Ocean Visuals Project

Ocean Visuals is an ocean-climate communications collaboration between Communications Inc and Climate Visuals. The Ocean Visuals project will catalyse a new evidence-based collection of impactful and diverse imagery by inviting participation in a new, global open call.  Communications Inc is conducting new visual research, testing how people react to images representing different ocean-climate issues. We are also keen to understand how NGOs find and choose the imagery they use, what they think works best and why. If you work in communications, please answer our ocean imagery questions here

For more information on the project visit https://climatevisuals.org/oceanvisuals/

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