• Passionate

    We are a small communications agency with big ideas, which works with non-profits around the globe. We put our specialist experience and wide-ranging network of contacts to work for our clients, addressing social and environmental issues across the globe, yet we remain approachable, adaptable and passionate.

  • Research-led

    At the UN Ocean Conference, June 27 – July 1, we conducted fieldwork for two surveys. You can contribute and participate by responding to them yourself. Click to complete our Ocean Surveys.

  • Innovative

    We are a small communications agency with big ideas, which works with non-profits around the globe. We put our specialist experience and wide-ranging network of contacts to work for our clients, addressing social and environmental issues across the globe, yet we remain approachable, adaptable and passionate.

  • Global

    We are a small communications agency with big ideas, which works with non-profits around the globe. We put our specialist experience and wide-ranging network of contacts to work for our clients, addressing social and environmental issues across the globe, yet we remain approachable, adaptable and passionate.

  • Small but powerful

    We are a small communications agency with big ideas, which works with non-profits around the globe. We put our specialist experience and wide-ranging network of contacts to work for our clients, addressing social and environmental issues across the globe, yet we remain approachable, adaptable and passionate.

About Us

To grab attention, set agendas and change behaviour you need a creative and thoughtful communications strategy, one that is based on a thorough and realistic analysis of your situation and environment. You also need an agency that understands the particular challenges and opportunities of non-profits and international communications.

  • We work around the world

    We have a vast network of contacts in many regions of the world who are at your disposal. Our press officers, fixers, film crews, web people, printers, and translators, will all work hard to make your campaign a success in each location. We also work on location at the UN in New York or EU in Brussels.

  • We are committed to the non-profit sector

    We are passionate about what we do because we are personally committed to the non-profit sector. Everyone at Communications INC has a background in the sector and we all continue to work with non-profits by choice – we like to come into work knowing that we can help you make a difference.

  • We are flexible and responsive

    Whether you would like us to plan and deliver a global campaign in different languages across multimedia, write and design your report, run a press launch in the UK or train your team in talking to the media, please get in touch. We are happy to develop entire campaigns or simply deliver individual elements.

“The Comms INC team produce clear messages that the media and public pick up, and they’ve got excellent contacts to get the story out there.”
Anthea Lawson, International Action Network on Small Arms

Case Studies

For the past 10 years we have provided our non-profit clients with highly strategic thinking, clever and effective communications, and a professional service.

  • Ocean Surveys

    Thank you for your interest in our research at the UN Ocean Conference! Research and insight is a...

  • Ocean Communication and Campaigning

    A video by Communications Inc which highlights the landmark moments of ocean communication and...

  • Global Ocean Commission

    Since its inception in February 2013, the Commission has been addressing four key issues facing the...

  • Island Hospice

    In the face of extraordinary challenges, Island Hospice provides palliative care and support...

  • Deep Sea Conservation Coalition

    Communications INC has been responsible for all of DSCC’s communications since shortly after the...

  • Shark Alliance

    Onboard from inception, Communications INC acted as the Shark Alliance’s in-house communications...

Communications INC are supremely efficient and well organised, extremely considerate, especially when dealing with people without a media background, and are a pleasure to deal with. 
Dr Alex Rogers, Scientific Director, IPSO
Comms INC offer top quality output, the people are fun and fast, and they deliver what they promised, in time… They are a bit like a Swiss Army Knife, having them on board means you have all you need.
Christian Teriete, GCCA


Meet the people who make up the Communications INC team.

  • Mirella Von Lindenfels

    Director & Co-founder

    Co-founder of Communications INC, Mirella has 35+ years’ experience of communications and campaign work in the NGO sector, including senior positions with Greenpeace and Amnesty International. She helped create the High Seas Alliance, is Director of IPSO, and Visiting Lecturer in NGO communications and campaigning.

  • Sophie Hulme

    Director & Co-founder

    Co-founder of Communications INC, Sophie has more than 20+ years’ experience of media and communications consulting for the NGO sector, after spending a number of years in feature film production. She is a specialist in strategic advice, campaign management and business development.

  • Natalie Hart

    Senior Account Director

    Natalie is an author, researcher and communications advisor. She has extensive experience designing and delivering strategic communications and behavioural change campaigns in complex environments. She specialises in evidence-based and research led approaches that deliver effective change.

  • Domino Albert

    Digital Director & Account Manager

    With 20 years experience for an International ocean conservation non-profit organisation, Domino brings a vast array of skills and experience to provide leadership and direction to our Digital Team. She specialises in digital media, and non-profit strategic planning and management.

  • Brittney Francis

    Digital, Social Media, and Account Manager

    After working in the Film and Entertainment industry for several years, Brittney studied Media and Communications, with a focus on social media. She has written for several online publications, and with Comms INC has specialised in social media campaigning, marketing and digital media.

  • Rebecca Irwin

    Production Manager

    Rebecca joined Comms INC from the education sector where she had been delivering award winning engagement programmes for over ten years. She is an impact driven project manager who specialises in events and digital media. Rebecca supports the team so that our production runs like clockwork.

  • Fiona Curtin

    Senior Writer

    Fiona studied PPE and international relations and has 12 years’ experience working at the UN and in the NGO sector in Geneva and London, managing projects and events around the world. She has been writing for Comms INC for five years, specialising in ocean, climate change and energy.

  • Matt Fidler


    With over 20 years’ experience in the media as a picture editor, commissioning and researching photography, Matt has extensive experience of design, layout and production for print and digital projects including creating websites, and all kinds of materials to support our clients’ campaigns across various platforms.

  • Patricia Roy

    Senior Press Officer

    Patricia has worked for 10 years in art management and communication in France, the UK and Spain in the public and private sector. Working with Comms INC, she specialises in European and international media strategy, coordination and outreach for environmental and social campaigns designed by international NGOs.

  • Sejal Patel

    Chief Financial Officer

    Sejal is responsible for all financial activities supporting the company. Prior to joining Comms Inc, she gained varied exposures to small and medium sized enterprises operating in different market sectors, as a senior accountant at mid-tier accounting and assurance firms. Sejal is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

  • Rosie Chambers

    Account Manager

    Rosie has extensive experience managing multi-stakeholder behavioural change campaigns. Working for a range of NGOs over the last decade she has developed effective networks and delivered impactful campaigns at local, national and international levels. She holds degrees in Conservation Biology and Aquatic Resource Management.

  • Georgia Glasman James

    Communications and Research Analyst

    Georgia joins the team after over a decade in the US, studying International Relations at Penn and graduating with a Masters in Policy Analysis from NYU. She has experience at a diverse set of non-profit organisations, NGOs, and in the legal sector. She supports Comms INC’s qualitative and impact research.

  • Camila Cuadros Cruz

    Account Coordinator

    Camila has an MSc in Environment and Resource Management, and worked with Greenpeace Chile and the Directorate of Environment and Oceanic Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition before joining the team. Camila now coordinates work across a range of projects and clients.

  • Travis Aten

    One Ocean Coordinator

    After completing a Masters in Marine Management, Travis worked at a Canadian ENGO focused on the implementation of SDG 14. Since then and in addition to joining the Comms Inc. team, Travis works at the High Seas Alliance to ensure the creation of a new global treaty for high seas biodiversity.

  • Lydia Mogridge East

    Digital & Social Media Coordinator

    Lydia joined the team while obtaining her UCL History of Art BA Hons. She has experience producing social media and digital content for campaigns, and managing multiple social platforms. With an Editorial Skills for Business qualification, she is responsible for in-house copy-editing and proofing.

  • Stefania Di Dio

    Social Media Coordinator

    Stefania joins the team after graduating with a Master’s Degree in Translation and building over 8 years of customer service and digital media experience working for a leading scuba diver training organization and International ocean conservation non-profit.  At Comms INC, she specialises in social media content development and translations.

Communications INC deliver what they say they will, when they say they will, and do so with great professionalism and enthusiasm.
Bill Shipsey, Chair, Art for Amnesty


To us, each client, each problem and each campaign is unique. We believe we can develop the ideal communications strategy – one that suits your organisation, budget and objectives.

  • Strategy

    Our experience means we can focus your resources with pinpoint accuracy, sending key messages to key people and identifying areas with the greatest potential for success. We react quickly to opportunities or problems with innovative solutions

  • Delivery

    We like to get results, and our network of dedicated and creative people will work hard to make your campaign a success. Our planning is incisive and we assess the campaign as it runs to ensure it remains relevant and effective

  • Media relations

    We develop global media strategies then use our international network of press officers to implement them, running conferences, briefings and one-to-ones, placing features and generating photo ops

  • Social media

    We can research your audience, tailor-make a social media strategy then roll it out for you, tweeting and managing your social media channels. We can also audit your current social media presence and lead bespoke workshops

  • Production

    From film shows to snowglobes, cappuccino stencils to t-shirts, we manage the production process from initial challenge to delivery. We also write, edit, translate and design and can produce your material from conception to publication

  • Digital media

    We design and develop digital platforms, including websites and mobile and tablet apps, and also manage and develop our clients’ existing websites. Our copyeditors and translators can work their magic on your content

  • Training

    We can tailor our media training to cover interviews for print and broadcast, conducting media briefings and news conferences, identifying pitch targets or writing media advisories, all with emphasis on clear, relevant messaging

  • Facilitating

    We can help you develop meeting approaches and formats to achieve your specific goals. We are also able to then arrange to facilitate these meetings for you

  • Video production

    Using highly experienced producers/directors, we make compelling film products, from interviews with industry experts to the scripting, production, shooting and editing of films detailing local solutions to global problems


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Mirella von Lindenfels: Director
M: 07717 844352


Sophie Hulme: Director
M: 07973 712869


Domino Albert: Account Director